Monday, April 14

A Perfect Fit with BonLook!

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all well!

As I am sure you all know by now, I live on this beautiful island of Jamaica...obviously. When you live on a tropical island 365 days per year, you really have to make sure you have the right sunglasses!  I love all types and brands and have grown quite a collection - but I always go back to my faves from BonLook, and now I am so excited to talk about them and a special service called A Perfect Fit.

If you have checked out the Affiliates and Sponsors on my sidebar you will glean that one of them is BonLook. A very fabulous online store of the most unique and beautiful European inspired eyeglasses and sunglasses I have seen. The first time I visited their website, I almost fell off my chair.  These were the glasses I was looking for all along, and could never quite find in any other brand. I also love their story and mission statement, which I really have to believe in if I am going to wear the products and advertise them!  Don't worry men, there is a line for you too, and now for kids. Another huge point is the glasses are very affordable. For the most part of the year, there are always fabulous sales happening, so it is good to check back periodically. 

Last Summer I posted about my fave sunglasses I sported (and still do!) which I got loads of compliments on:

Chilling out at Hermosa Cove last Summer in my Russian Doll Olive sunglasses - which I get many compliments on.

Right now, are offering a special service I would love to share with you all.  It's called A Perfect Fit So all you have to do is to answer a few questions to receive personalized eye-wear suggestions. 'Your Perfect Result' takes into account your fashion sense as well as your unique facial features - and the results are spot on!  Simply create and login to your account to get started.

Some of my very faves right now trending on this fab site are:

Ibiza in Dolphin Blue
Glamazon Sun
Powder Puff - Amethyst Tortoise
Have a look at their current Lookbook to check out some very cool looks for the upcoming Summer. Here's to having a stylish Spring and Summer friends!

Wednesday, April 9

{Fab Inspiration} From Around the Web and in Jamaica!

Hi Friends,

Just a list of all the things inspiring me right now...from Bloggers, websites and happening's here in Jamaica - hope you enjoy and peruse the list!

On the Web...

Ever since Daily Candy sent that dreaded email about closing up shop, I have been in despair about where I am going to get my "daily dose" of happening's and trends!  Enter into the picture PureWow - a beautiful and well designed website on travel, recipes, trends, culture, style, beauty, fitness, art - it goes on and on.  Loving this post on fab crostini recipes.

Another lovely and chic Lifestyle website that you can find cool sources of the latest things to do, to wear and what to cook.  Loving these Mimosa recipes.

These ultra talented ladies have done it again! Not only now having an award winning globally successful Blog - they also have an App, a Book (another book on DIY projects for the Home out this August...) but also have just collaborated with Kelly Moore to create a beautiful vintage satchel for carrying cameras, laptops, etc!  So excited about this.  I predicted about two years ago that these two sisters are the "Martha Stewarts of a new generation" and I feel it is happening - watch them closely, I predict a TV show next. 

The Kelly Moore-A Beautiful Mess Vintage Satchel Camera Bag which can be purchased right here.

Happening's in Jamaica that are on my radar:

My good friend, Conroy is the Executive Chef over at the beautiful Hermosa Cove.  He is famous for using the most natural ingredients and divine flavors in the cooking process. I am fortunate to have Conroy working here in Ocho Rios.  He has worked in top restaurants and hotels around the world, including a Nobu in NYC.  

A pic from Hermosa Cove in Ocho Rios.

A scrumptious fish burger with home made brioche buns by Conroy

Pan seared breaded shrimp and lobster penne pasta in a tomato basil sauce 

A lovely and informative 45 minute Tour of the oldest Georgian Town in the Caribbean!  Tour Guides will give you a rundown on the history of Falmouth, while you ride past beautiful old Georgian buildings. Falmouth was once one of the wealthiest Ports of the New World.  See website link above for more information to book.  Please note Tours are only available when the Port of Falmouth is open - so please email or call first before booking! (email and numbers on website.)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Friday, April 4

{Social Media} Having Fun with Instagram!

Hi Friends,

Today's post is all about how much I just love Instagram. If you do not have an account, I really encourage you to join!  It's to me, one of the most fun social media apps out there.  I have had an Account since I created one for The Caves Hotel a few years ago, but was not very active on it, as so many people were not on it I had about two friends.  However over time, as it has become more and more popular - and as more and more people join, it becomes "just that much more fun" to share pictures. Not many (if any) words even need to be written, and you can use hashtags quite effectively to capture new interests or find groups you are interested in. I have found many cool Bloggers, Artists, and "old soul creative's" as I call you creative souls out there (Rachael!!) on Instagram.  

I have posted a few of my fave pics here for you all to peruse.  It could be just of a beautiful sunset, or a pretty scene as I go about my day lol.  Elsie of A Beautiful Mess has started a really cool "follow along" hashtag community on Instagram called "100happydays" - the premise is to post one picture per day that makes you happy.  Using this hashtag, all the pictures get grouped into the #100happydays community and is really cool to look at each day.  It also gives you a new gratitude for the "little things" that make you happy.  

Join along if you wish!

You can follow me on Instagram if you are on, my handle is: NeenieTribley.

View from a pretty apartment in Ocho Rios (top two) // View from the gym when I am working out in the evenings // the entrance to one of the gorgeous villas at Jamaica Inn. By the way, The Jamaica Inn is a fantastic account to follow also! #sunsets, #villasofJamaica.

The day was so beautiful, I could not help myself.  This pic was taken with my phone at Jamaica Inn - #prettydays, #tophotels, #luxuryvacation, #getallright, #boutiquehotels #beautifulJamaica.

 I took this one morning when having breakfast at Rockhouse Hotel in Negril - #boutiquehotels #Negril 

My mother's garden in Mandeville - follow my country posts on hashtag #countrystyling.

 I was leaving Hermosa Cove after breakfast one Sunday and thought what a cute pic this would be to share! #dayoff #boutiquehotel #beautifulJamaica
 It's always fun to post pictures of friends too....this is Alex, we were celebrating her birthday in Ocho Rios and it was fab! The picture was formatted with a circle frame right on my phone via another very cool app called Afterlight. #Friends.

This was taken at Couples Sans Souci after a heavy rain...the colors just became very vibrant...despite the clouds. I used the hashtags #beautifulJamaica, #landilove, #getallright and #boutiquehotels in this one.

Top pic  - Bono at home #pets #dogsofinstagram #Jamaicandoggie // Bottom pic - the first ever picture I posted on Instagram. #sunsets #Negril #TheCaves #Jamaica

The beauty of Instagram is that your pictures do not have to be perfect by any means. Have fun and remember that when you are finding a scene beautiful, that is the time to take a pic and post it!

Have a wonderful (and #fabulous) #weekend all! :-)

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Thursday, April 3

The Fab Life Pink Book - Updated!

Hi Friends,

I have updated the Fab Life Pink Book with all my TOP recommendations for things to do, shopping in Jamaica and places to dine out.  You can find this Listing in the Main Menu Bar at the top of the Blog Page in the future. Please note I will be adding and updating especially as new places open. Note also that these recommendations are all based on the North Coast of Jamaica, where our tourism is centered. It does not include Kingston, and Treasure Beach recommendations will be added soon!

Inside My Little Pink Book -   Fab Life's Picks for Best Places to Dine out, Activities and Shopping!

You have read all about my top picks of hotels in Ocho Rios, as in this post and you have read about my top picks of hotels in Montego Bay right here.  I have also given you my top fab picks of hotels in Negril, Jamaica in this post.  Please read all about them under "boutique hotels" in the main menu also.

Here is a handy Fab Life "Pink Book" List of everything else I recommend and love on the North Coast of Jamaica.  Now if you are already staying in an all inclusive hotel, then you already have FAB places to dine - however if you want to venture out, or not staying at an all inclusive, then here is the lineup!

Best places to dine out:

Montego Bay:

The Houseboat Grill in Montego Bay

A romantic, divine experience with an excellent menu and very good service.

The Sugar Mill Restaurant in Montego Bay (at Half Moon)

This is a lovely, upscale restaurant with a fab menu and if you want to celebrate a special occasion, then look no further.  The setting is fantastic, as it is located on the Golf Course, and the service is top notch.

Mystic India

Located in Montego Bay, in Whitter Village - this is a lovely restaurant with an extensive menu and wonderful wine selection.

The Vineyard at Coyaba Hotel

A fabulous eclectic Caribbean menu with a lovely ambiance - not to be missed if you are staying in Montego Bay.

**My Fab Life pick for just a casual outing, something a little different for dinner in Montego Bay:**

Chef Robbie's Sea Horse Grill at The Yacht Club

A lovely location, with a great mix of cuisines. Chef Robbie's also has another restaurant in the Shoppes of Rose Hall that was previously The English Pub.


The Cave Dining at The Caves Resort in Negril

A once in a lifetime dining experience not to be missed if you are staying in Negril!

Feather's Gourmet Restaurant at Couples Swept Away, Negril

Book ahead if you are staying at this lovely hotel, and if you are not - do try to get in for an evening pass and ask to be booked into this very special restaurant!

Rockhouse's Restaurant in Negril

A casual, fab dining experience.  The food is always great (award winning Chef!) - and the ambiance and vibe always energetic.

Push Cart Restaurant at Rockhouse on the West End

This restaurant is also part of Rockhouse, but offers a more Jamaican themed menu, as well as many vegetarian options.  My current fave is the Bushman's Stew.

The Hungry Lion

An eclectic, vegetarian restaurant - with a lovely vibe, great music and live band downstairs from time to time.  Check before you head over as they are only opened in the Winter Season from Mid November to May.  They do not have a website but I have linked to Fodor's write up about them.  This restaurant has been around for over fifteen years and has been refurbished a few times.  The menu was lovingly created by Vegetarians Bertram and Greer Ann Saulter, who built and designed The Caves Hotel.

The Blue Mahoe at The Spa Retreat

Also located on the West End Cliffs of Negril - a lovely dining experience.  Ask for a table al fresco overlooking the water. Nice selection of items from a menu that is Jamaican-Mediterranean.

Ocho Rios:

Toscanini Restaurant in Ocho Rios

Love this divine restaurant, and the food is always a very high standard.  This is the link to the Frommer's Guide to Jamaica, as they do not have a website.  See my post right here.

The Gazebo at Goldeneye Resort

A beautiful, fab place to dine  - this restaurant is getting rave reviews for the food and service - as well as the location, which is unique (located above the Lagoon and the Beach!)

Bayside at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios

One of my most Fave places to dine when I am in Ocho Rios.  The cuisine is Thai and the Chef is just out of this world!

Casanova Restaurant at Couples Sans Souci

A Fab Life pick always due to the high standards of service, divine food and atmosphere.  Note that there is now a new Martini Bar, so check then it is open and book your Casanova dinner in on that evening!

Bamboo Blu

Located about ten minutes out of Ocho Rios in Mammee Bay, this is a lovely and casual setting.  The restaurant is located on the beach and is open for lunch and dinner, seven days per week.  Open from 11:00 a.m. daily.  You can also go in and use the beautiful beach facilities offered, chaise lounges and beach beds for rent. The food is very casual fare, with jerk chicken, vegetable burgers, breadfruit chips for snacking...and lovely fish dishes.  The bar is stocked with premium liquor also.

Christopher's at Hermosa Cove

One of my fave places to dine out as the Executive Chef, Conroy Arnold is excellent.  Having worked in many top notch restaurants in New York (including one of Robert DeNiro's) and made his way back to Jamaica where he helped to open the prestigious Goldeneye Resort and helped to put together menus for both of the restaurants there. Now located at Hermosa, we are lucky to have him there. He is well known for using layers of flavor and spices to his dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - please make reservations before!

A beautiful, romantic and first class dining experience in Jamaica.  The menu is a la carte and changes nightly with six courses. The wine list is top notch, and the service even more so. Treat yourselves if you are staying in Ocho Rios, it is a fabulous experience, especially if you are celebrating an Anniversary or a birthday.

Best Tours and Attractions:

Chukka Caribbean Adventures

As the name suggests this is an Adventure Tour Company - they can arrange to collect you from your hotel to do horseback riding excursions, river tubing, zip lining over rivers, etc!

Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios

Another cool, adventure Attraction located in Ocho Rios offering bob sledding down the mountain. amongst many more offerings.  Do not forget to walk around the breathtaking Hummingbird Garden when you are there.

Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios

This Attraction has also opened very near to Negril for anyone wanting to experience swimming with these majestic dolphins!

Rafting on the Martha Brae River in Montego Bay

As the name suggests, if you have ever wanted to go rafting on a beautiful river - this is the place when in Montego Bay or nearby!

Jamaica Tour Society
Owned and managed by LyndaLee Burks, this is a lovely Tour Company that will put together the best nature tours together for you on the island!  Fab Life Fave currently is the Insider's Tour of Good Hope Great House with a Birding and Hiking Tour.

If you would like to have a wonderfully enriching Tour of the oldest Georgian Town in the Caribbean, then try one of the Trolley Tours of Falmouth. At one point, Falmouth was considered the "wealthiest new Port in the new world." Glean beautiful Georgian architecture and hear all about our rich history from experienced and efficient Tour Guides.  The Tour is 45 minutes and operates only when the Falmouth Port is open. Usually Tuedsays to Thursdays.  Reservations required, called 876.509.0454 or 876.843.9964.

I love this Tour. If you would like to hear more about our rich history on a guided walking tour with experienced and very knowledgeable tour guides, then look no further. Meticulous attention to detail, you will leave feeling as if you were on the original walk of the Ole' Town of Falmouth.  There is also a wonderful Food Tour where you can sample some of the eclectic Jamaican fare, from fruit to our wonderful Jamaican cuisine.

Shopping on the North Coast of Jamaica:

The Shoppes of Rose Hall in Montego Bay

A beautifully designed and lovely place to shop.  You will find duty free jewelry stores, coffee shops, and lots of interesting Jamaican craft stores to choose from.

The Shops of Whitter Village in Montego Bay

There is no website to link to, but this shopping center is great to visit for purchasing high quality crafts, gifts, resort wear, as well as the fact there are two restaurants located here. Mystic India and Angela's Italian. There is also a lovely supermarket carrying English Waitrose products (Progressive Foods) and an outdoor entertainment area where concerts are held.

Island Village in Ocho Rios

 - Another fantastic set of shops located within a very uniquely designed shopping center.  You will also be able to check out a "Reggae Museum" which is a fab interactive reggae experience and not to be missed!

Don't forget:

The Gift Shop at Rockhouse if you are in Negril, it is one of my fave shops on the North Coast.

The Couples Resorts Gift Shops are also some of my very faves.  I get many resort style dresses and bags from these four sweet shops (each hotel has one.)

Need a pharmacy?  Then head to Fontana, which have locations in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

**This list will be added to from time to time, so check back!**

BonLook eyewear - beautifully designed, covetable eyewear for fashionable self-expression

Tuesday, April 1

Packing for a Vakay to Jamaica!

Hi Friends,

Today's post is all about packing for a vacation to this beautiful island...I have gotten together with a new Affiliate on my Blog, out of Canada - Etsy Canada to give you a list of my very faves. I do hope that all my Canadian readers will find some fab ideas from this list!  Have no fear USA and international readers - you can still order from this site also.  

It's Spring Break time, wedding season time, the start of the fabulous honeymoon season, or perhaps you are just planning a well needed trip to Jamaica because you are ready to escape the cold?  Either way, I think you will find some great deals from Etsy Canada and we hope to welcome you to our fabulous island in the sun very soon!

Here are my fave picks:

I love these sweet his and her luggage tags - especially for the newlyweds!

This skirt is very "resort wear chic" and if you are heading to Jamaica, and staying in one of our beautiful hotels - this will be perfect for a romantic dinner, or dinner with friends (also very easy to pack as this is something that can be rolled up and not take up too much space in your luggage:)

I love sweet headbands, like this one which can be used during the days when out tanning - I wear these when I hit the beach and to the gym.  You can never have enough!

Love, love this crochet beach cover up, very cute and suitable for any beach or hotel in Jamaica!

If you want to fit into the Bohemian resort wear that is best suited for Jamaica, then you will def need to pack one of these fabulous bracelets!   What is so unique about this one I have picked is that you can use it as a necklace, or a wrap bracelet. You can wear it in the day or at night....(especially if you are planning on staying in Negril - see posts linked at the end of the page on my fave hotels in Negril)

I love any handmade clutch, and I have found many sweet ones on Etsy Canada, like these below...I can never have enough of these, and the prices are amazing!

This one takes it to another level, as you can have it custom made to order with your initials - super cool:

While we are on bags, I am obsessed with beautiful and unique luggage and as Chevron is so the trend these days, I picked this beautiful weekender for us ladies to use for our makeup and accessories (ooh, it is monogrammed - how chic is this?)

By the way if you are getting married, whether you are planning on a wedding in Canada or here in Jamaica, you will be thoroughly inspired by the Etsy Blog Posts on Real Weddings!  I am loving this fabulous post on how to make a floral crown.

I hope you are inspired to see what beautiful products you can find over at Etsy Canada.  Happy packing and happy traveling!

...Don't Forget to read these posts on where to stay in Jamaica and my faves:

Post and Links via my Affiliation with Etsy Canada

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