Thursday, September 3

September to Remember in Jamaica!

Hi Friends!

I do hope you are well, and I know it has been awhile since I posted, but so much has been happening - add in a well needed vacation for a month - so here I am, feeling too bad that I stayed away for so long.

The year has just flown by too quickly.  Where has it gone, it was just...New Year's Eve?  Well, not really but it feels like it.

We are in the low summer season right now in Jamaica - so if you have always wanted to plan a trip down here, now would be the best time to jump into the deals, and lower rates (lowered a good 40-50% from Winter season rates!)

The Inner Peace Yoga Retreat at Jamaica Inn September 16th -20th promises to be a hit!  Space is still available.

Jamaica Inn Hotel in Ocho Rios have some fabulous packages running right now and if you are a Yogi, or looking for some peace - check out the details of the upcoming Yoga Retreat right here.  A four night all inclusive package filled with decadent yoga classes (two per day), yummy and healthy meals, spa treatments, excursions, swimming, paddle-boarding, parties...and so much more. 

The beautiful, expansive beach-front suites at Jamaica Inn.

Couples Resorts is just perfect for you if you are ready to getaway with that special someone in your life - there are two hotels in Ocho Rios, and two in Negril, so take your pick!  Always a special running and you are sure to catch a great deal - check out the website.  I love the Taste of Jamaica Package, which is all about food and being pampered by Executive Chef (and a friend of mine) Stefan Spath....only $175.00 per person per night, and this is all inclusive peeps!   Book by October 7th, travel up to December 25th. 

Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios, one of my very fave hotels!

Let's visit Island Outpost (The Caves in Negril, Strawberry Hill in Kingston and Goldeneye in Ocho Rios) and see what is happening in terms of Specials right now!

The Caves in Negril - one of the hotels in the Island Outpost Collection, owned by Chris Blackwell.

At The Caves - of course one of my fave hotels in Jamaica as I used to manage it - have a few Offers running right now until December - check out the Free Love Package - which is all about getting two FREE nights if you book five nights or more!  Let me tell you, this is a steal for The Caves, an award winning boutique hotel located on the romantic west end cliffs of Negril. 

A lagoon suite at Goldeneye Resort.

The beautiful Goldeneye, playground to all the stars, has a fab special currently running until December 15th, License to Chill.

Oh there are so many Special Offers happening all the hotels around Jamaica - just check the websites or ask when booking.  This is the best time of year to get an offer.

In the meantime, I am leaving you all with a fabulous cocktail recipe from Rajay over at Jamaica Inn.

Cucumber Mojito (serves up one!)

This was rather delightful, tasting subtle and refreshing!

  1. Use a “Rock Glass” as pictured above
  2. Add fresh mint and crush at bottom of glass. Add ice and fill a quarter of the glass.
  3. Add (2) ounces of a good white rum, Rajay used Genesis (pictured below.)
  4. Add two teaspoons of brown sugar or sweeten to taste.
  5. Add freshly juiced cucumber (about half a large cucumber or fill half the glass)
  6. Add Soda water to the top, along with a dash of lime.
  7. Garnish with a cucumber wedge, and you are good to go, cheers!

I hope to see you in Jamaica soon friends!


PS: Gear up for Fall with a JUSbyJulie cleanse or booster! The healthiest blends of vitamin rich, fresh fruits and vegetables that help to rid the body of impurities and get you healthy! For Labor Day weekend, you can get 35% off with free shipping, see website below.  

Thursday, July 9

My Fitness Journey - Updated!

Hi Friends,

I hope you are all well!

I thought I would spend a little time writing about my fitness quest and where I am today.  I have posted about my journey before on this blog, but in the last three months it has changed drastically, albeit - it is all good!

Fitness means many things to many people.  I have always considered myself relatively "fit" from I was very young, whether it was that I was in a swimming stage, tennis stage, walking and running phase, or just doing boot camp everyday stage (what I have been mainly doing for last two years up to beginning of April!) However -  my fitness journey changed about four months ago when my Trainer pulled me to the side and honestly gave me a lowdown about my body and what was happening to it "you are in a plateau from all of this cardio - you are doing way too much cardio and hardly any lifting, that is why you are not seeing the results you want."  I have to admit, at first I was a bit shell shocked as those were my thoughts of recent too.  I was getting more and more frustrated as to why I was still a bit flabby with all that exercise, and why wasn't I seeing more muscle definition?  What I wanted to see, was a more "sculpted figure" without being too muscular but with a lean core and appearance.

So I went home and literally spent five hours searching the internet for answers. I found in the process, and discovered a whole new world. Everyone there were mainly lifting, writing about it, and looking FABULOUS! Now I am not saying I was a stranger to weight training as over the past two years I have had times whereby I would head to the weight room and just haphazardly use dumb-bells or the equipment with a little voice in my head saying "mind you start looking like a man, be careful, you may get big!" - that is what stopped me from continuing and sent me back to the boot camp classes each time.

I found a fabulous 12 week program created by Jamie Eason and that was the suggested program I do based on what I punched into my profile that I wanted to change -- I wanted to transform over time, and build lean muscle, but where to start?  I felt I found the answer, and immediately hit the program as "save to my calendar" for that weekend coming up.

Cut to just about 12 weeks later and I can say without a doubt, it is the very best thing I have done for myself and my body - and the quickest I have ever seen changes in my body.

So many people said to me when I was starting "to be careful", "that I don't get too big" - "and look like a man" and I am here to tell you all, it does NOT work like that!  First of all, we women do not have enough testosterone to have our bodies turn into that sort of shape, secondly -- I found out it takes a long, long time for this lean muscle to come up - it takes hard work + patience + more hard work + the right nutrition/macros and more dedication -- all of this, and I am still just at the beginning, not even there yet - and it is about not giving up and carrying on.  The more I workout, is the more I want to do, knowing that it takes time is only a challenge to me and I know this is something I have completely fallen in love with and will continue to do as long as I am able. 

I have not cut out cardio - instead I do HIIT and this at the end after a weight training session.  Usually from 20 to 40 minutes doing sprints and taking a break, sprints/break on-going for the entire time.  Sometimes, I may even just do a 30 minute session on the elliptical, but try not to do anymore - as I do not want to burn off my muscle by causing my body to move into a catabolic state.  This can happen from overdoing it in cardio constantly.  

Don't get me wrong.  It is about dedication, work, commitment and most of all, it is about eating the proper foods that work hand in hand in helping to build that lean muscle, and help you get leaner.

I have decided to bullet point all the things I did, do, and prep for before workout - and post workout, what works for me and what doesn't and why I have just signed up for a new program when this one is completed this weekend.   I have had peeps come up and ask me what I did, and how I can help, and I thought this would be a great place to start.


I am not a Doctor or a health professional.  I am just someone who has always been on the go, and wanting more for my body - this is what worked/works for me - and I am sharing it with you.  

I followed 90% of the nutrition guide that went hand in hand with the 12 week LiveFit Trainer by Jamie Eason - the more protein/veggies and healthy carb diet.  I do about five small meals per day and for my range of exercise and what my goals are - my range of calories per day is about 1700 without exercise which I try never to go over - and with exercise to maintain my current weight about 2200.  Usually however due to the healthy repertoire of foods I have, I never hit over 1700 per day.  My meals are smaller than before, but just more frequent.  I make sure to eat before a workout and if I cannot get to eat, I have a protein shake with almond milk. I have explained a little more of that below.

I have found that My Fitness Pal is perfect and fab for a guide as to when and what to eat (you can set reminders for each meal) and that then reminds you to log in the meal.  

Your macros that are recommended can be put in, which will then always give you a breakdown of where you are at any point in the day. You also log your exercise in this App, and it will calculate what is left with the exercise - I think this is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight, maintain or ensure you are eating enough (that is me, the last one!) - as my problem has always been under-eating (the worse thing you could do to your body as it slows down metabolism!!) - so I check on fitness pal constantly to ensure I am up to where I should be. 

My "food diary" day goes something like this:

 - Wake up drink Coffee (unsweetend almond milk / a tiny tad of brown sugar / sometimes a half scoop of protein powder in my coffee!)

 - Eat meal #1 - overnight oatmeal made from night before (in a small mason jar) made with unsweetened almond milk, and I add cinnamon and a small banana chopped up in the morning,)  Another cup of coffee.  OR two boiled eggs (one without the yolk) and one piece of whole wheat toast // 

 - Meal #2 - an ETB Protein Shake (two or so hours after meal #1)

During Workout (drink my ETB bcaa during the workout.)

- Meal #3 - white egg omelette with veggies or lemon tuna wrap / or huge salad with chicken.

 - Meal #4 - Light dinner - low fat chicken or beef chilli with brown rice // or // a piece of fish fillet with brown rice and veggies, or chicken breast with brown rice and veggies.

 - Meal #5 - small cup of oats // or white egg omelette with veggies.


PS - drinking lots of water during the day, or soda water is what I like to drink with a wedge of lime or orange wedge. 

This fits within my macro nutrients of the day and helps me to continue to build the lean muscle over time!

(Snacks - during the day also recorded: small bag of almonds or handful of peanuts / a banana....or a protein bar.)


I have discovered the most amazing supplements that really helps to give me energy and put well needed vitamins into my body - the easiest action for me before a workout is just to mix up a fabulous protein shake, sometimes even with a half a cup of coffee if my energy is low - together with a small teaspoon of PB2 peanut butter powder.  I then shake it all up in my shaker bottle and add in ice at the end.  It is delish and fills me up, not to mention gives me energy for the workout.  I will drink this about an hour before a workout.

Love this stuff in my protein shake, over pancakes at times, or even in my overnight oatmeal!

My fave whey protein powder right now:

I discovered this wonderful Sports Nutrition Company called ETB Fitness  They really have the most fantastic whey protein, which is natural and consists of whey from grass fed cows. It is free of recombinant bovine growth hormones (eBGH) and it is sweetened with the leaves naturally found in a stevia plant - and I just love stevia!  What I love about the taste, is that it is really light and does not have an after-taste like some protein powders out there. I mix it in with the unsweetened almond milk - and literally good to go...sometimes I do add some coffee too!  My fave flavor is the one pictured above, chocolate of course!  What I love best about a scoop of this fabulous protein powder is that it is giving me 20 grams of protein in one mere scoop with a mere 115 calories.

Post Workout (What I drink:)

I love this BCAA and the yummy lemonade flavor.  It is a blend of amino acids to promote protein synthesis as well as to provide a high peak performance. Amino acids are actually the "building blocks for protein - which is the macronutrient required for growing, repairing and maintaining lean muscle! In other words, it is important to have when lifting, in order not to have that pain after! I mix this yum lemonade flavored bcaa with water and have it with me during a workout, especially if I know it is a leg day. It is light, delish and fabulous  I have to admit that since drinking this I have not had to take half the advil I used to have to take when I woke up the following morning after a brutal boot camp class!

What I eat Post workout:

As written above, I usually have a meal after a workout which is recommended. However sometimes, I will have another protein shake and use just half of the scoop, to do another one - nothing wrong with this, as long as you don't overscoop it!  If I workout mid-morning, then it would be my meal #3 post workout.  If I workout in the evening, then meal #4 would be my post workout meal....and sometimes if I workout very early in the morning, then my meal which I sip while working out - is the actual protein shake, with the half cup of coffee.

Leg extensions were always hard for me, now I am pushing over 120 pounds, and when I have my BCAA with me, it makes it so much easier - giving me energy and cutting back on any soreness the day after!

Music that keeps me going!

I am a HUGE music person.  I have mentioned this before.  In my last post I outlined a blurb about Rock my Run, and I continue to use this as my first preference for working out.  If you sign up, the best bet is to just pay for a year and become a "Rockstar" and you will be able to download many more playlists each month.  I have a playlist right now which is really keeping me going as it is a three hour long playlist (not, I have never worked out this long, but it is just a cool list you can even use at a party!) my fave playlists on Rock My Run currently are:

 - Massive - Volume 1 (a progressive house mix about three hours long.)

 - Any playlist by DJ Marc Thrasher  - loving all the Fit Fuel Spring and Summer mixes.

 - I love a playlist called "Inspire Change" - a really fun and eclectic mix that is about 60 minutes long.

The workout clothes I am loving and want more and more of:

I have to say that I love, love all the workout clothes found on I just ordered the shorts and a few of the tank tops, and I find the tank tops perfect for our climate here, as well as the fact that cotton is just fab to workout in. have a lovely collection of shorts and tanks - love these especially they are called the B-Elite shorts - they are sold in different colors.

Before and After  -- A few snaps:

The beginning pre LiveFit, not much muscle tone at all - the look of "skinny fat."

The results after 12 weeks and I am very happy

I am feeling 100% more confident in a bikini, and can see a huge difference in my upper body, core and leg definition over 12 weeks.  This picture was taken just this week on my 12th and final week of the Program.  I am not flexing here, but expect over time as I rest the muscles will be seen more and more.  It takes time!  I am also at the point that I am eating more, much more than before - the before pic above.

I never had any muscle def in my arms, and am loving the guns coming up slowly but surely!  My back, bicep, tricep, and shoulder exercises are my fave to do now - (never liked them before!) compare to pic above in purple bikini top.

My fitness journey has changed. The last 12 weeks on the LiveFit Trainer weight training program has taught me that no matter how I try to build lean muscle and abs, it is never going to happen if the nutrition does not add up.  I would do hundreds of sit-ups and crunches in previous years to no avail - no abs.  Why?  I was still eating tons of pasta (just with veggies, but still pasta) and my diet was about "well I will work it off later at boot camp." Not a very healthy way to live - so I have learnt that more muscle and the leaner I want to look - means more eating, good healthy eating.  After 12 weeks I am only 105 pounds with all of this lifting (I am 5 ft 2 inches.) -

I have found a tremendous support from my family  -- my FitFam as we fondly call each other.  Tracked workouts are commented on, and it makes me feel super motivated and inspired.

I follow all my fitness motivators as I call them, on Instagram - such a wonderful place to find workouts (I love the FitMiss workouts that are posted almost everyday - check them out!) - I get recipes - lots and lots of protein powder recipes.  Check out the Instagram account of ETB Fitness for lots of lovely recipes you can make at home too as well as great fitness pictures.

You can find fabulous workouts on Instagram, I love the workouts posted by FitMiss.

Much more to be posted as I continue on with this fabulous fitness journey!

Next up:

My Weight Training Routine each week - stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 27

It's Time...for a Fab Yoga Retreat in Jamaica!

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing well!

I wanted to share news about another Yoga Retreat upcoming this year in September.  As you recall, (if you read my Blog) we had one at Jamaica Inn last year and it was a hit.

Scenes from the last Inner Peace in Paradise Yoga Retreat:

 Yum - healthy breakfasts will be served up each day after Yoga!  Have yours on the beach...or with the Group.
 Sarah, our Lead Yoga Instructor this year (pictured on the left...)
 Pre Sunset Class by the ocean....lovely.
 Paddleboarding will be something fun to try while there!
 That magical time of day...and the Yoga Class takes on a beautiful vibe at this time of evening.
 This was delish - a vegan chick pea wrap - you can find the recipe right here on the Blog.
 One of the excursions was a trip to a nearby waterfall, so amazing, and a catered Jamaica Inn style picnic...we will do this again this year!
 The Yogi's went to the local Farmer's Market to shop with Chef and then back to the hotel to cook up a decadent Jamaican style meal....
Scenes from the final party last year - complete with sky lanterns for each person to make a wish and send it out to the universe!

This year there is a fantastic Yoga Instructor who is well trained in all types of Yoga and everyone should feel welcome.

Sarah Yukie Gingrich -the Lead Yoga Instructor this year at the chic Jamaica Inn in September.

The location of the Retreat is the chic Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios - such a perfect place for something of this nature...the beautiful white sand beach, perfect sunsets for Yoga, a healthy repertoire of dishes served up, a fantastic welcome BBQ party, a welcome gift, special Spa Treatment at the award winning Ocean Spa, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, transfers to and from the airport and all taxes and gratuities!  What a fabulous package.  Of course this includes two decadent Yoga classes per day (an am pre-breakfast class and a pre-sunset class.)

There will also be two special excursions planned - one for a Jamaica Inn style picnic to nearby waterfalls, and a shop & cook tour with the Head Chef.

Ooh la la, you won't want to miss this special exclusive package/offer.  It is four nights from the 16th of September to the 20th - such a perfect time for a Yoga Retreat!

Book now by visiting the website and making a reservation - either by email or phone!

We hope to welcome you to Jamaica, and Jamaica Inn soon!

Wednesday, April 15

(My Fitness Journey) What I have learnt so far!

Hi Friends,

I thought I would take the time to share some information about my personal fitness journey of late.

I have posted a few posts in the past about my journey and wanted to update, share and encourage anyone out there who is just starting out, or ready to give up!  Well my first piece of advice would be: Do not give up!!

This was last Summer with Trainer Winston, I had just done a run and one of his killer weight routines...since then Winston is no longer at my Gym, but we have a fabulous new Instructor who motivates and pushes!  Cut to today and I am still enjoying all the workouts and more.

A little about me and fitness.  I have always loved exercise since I was very young in school, but was more of a swimmer and tennis player than someone who played netball or ran.  I can recall from early years (I am talking early teens!) dieting, not because I had to, but only as everyone else was in my class.  So my body image from an early age was not a good one, as all I did back then was compare myself to the tiniest, skinniest people around me.  Back in the 80's when we were all teens and younger, in Jamaica, it was all about how "skinny" you could be, and how good one looked in a swimsuit on the weekend.  What pressure.  Sometimes I look back and ask myself where on earth did that all come from?

Cut to my college years in Bermuda, and that was a time I gained the standard "freshman 15" and maybe even a few more in the years I was attending hotel management school.  That was due to bad eating habits, not being able to cook healthy, and just eating out of stress and nerves really.  By my mid twenties, having met and married Chris by then, I started to learn more about healthy eating habits and exercising again because I loved it.  I must say, what helped was having a hubby who was also into healthy eating and exercise.  It also was a huge advantage having a hubby who was also my exercise partner.  We would find new trails to power walk and run through every weekend, and then go home and do a weights routine.  That is when the weight I gained in college and after melted off and never came a five pound gain now and then over the years.

My thirties...that was a continued path of exercise and healthy eating, sometimes even taking it to another level and losing too much weight at times.  One thing I should point out is that I am short (5 ft 2 inches) and so when I mention gaining 15 pounds or more in college, on me that was alot.  This was also the time in my life that I became a strict Vegetarian, it lasted about six years.

And now let's talk about the 40's.  It's been an on and off again love affair with fitness until two years ago when I decided one day that this is the time in my life that I want to not only look my best, but feel my best!  If not now, when?  And I made a commitment to myself that I would no longer be about my motto "skinny fat."  Many people have been asking about that term, and for those of you who do not know, that terms pretty much sums up a look of "skinny" without any muscle tone, or look of fitness.  It is a look that extreme dieting or sometimes even underweight people can have.  For me, skinny fat meant - no more skinny but still feeling flabby, no more "not feeling confident in a bikini."

And so two years ago I joined the most fabulous gym here in Ocho Rios, and happened upon one of the most life changing experiences of my entire fitness journey to date.  Cut to today - April 2015, and I can say that I am still very much in the process, loving it more and more, understanding the balance, and as a result of this -  have gained alot more muscle, and on top of that, am loving lifting weights and will continue upon that path. Overall, I have realised that for me, it is all about creating the balance which is the mix of exercise that keeps me fit and trim today.  It has nothing to do with dieting, only cleaner eating and a healthy fitness outlook.

Here are some of my own tips I have learnt along the way, and that have helped me 100% and will continue to to share with you whether you are just starting, or thinking of it, or in the process:

 - Do not compare your beginning with someone's else's end or journey!!  That is the very worse thing you could ever do to yourself.  When joining a gym, you have to realise that there are going to be people around you who have been exercising for years and years.  Make them be your motivation for determination and success.  Watch their schedules and realise that it is because they are going to the gym and working out regularly, why they look the way they do.

 - Keep a log of your fitness journey either on an App or book.  If you are in this to lose weight first, then you can apply your goal here.  Write down your daily intake of food, and give yourself weekly goals.  For fitness goals, I have a fitbook which I just love to fill in after each workout.  The fitbook is very affordable and sold from their website (linked above.)  While I love an App, I love to write down just as much.  Another App I use alot for workout goals from day to day is Runtastic, which I just love and think is one of the best fitness apps out there.

 - Music is my world.  I cannot exercise without music.  I honestly do not know how anyone can! Now obviously this is the case for most people, but I have found in my journey some peeps who just do not need music to exercise.  For me, music makes me more motivated to keep going, and to reach higher.  For personal runs and weight training, I use RockMyRun which is a brand new App on the market.  I am obsessed with the fact that the playlists are abundant, and of all genres.  I am impressed that you can actually choose to have your playlist go with the beat of your workout!  Try it now - you can download it for iphone and android.

 - Fitness Pals.  I cannot say enough about this point.  By fitness pals, I mean having friends who are on the same journey and can help motivate you and vice versa.  I created a whatsapp group for the peeps in my gym who attend the same classes and have the same goals.  It has really helped me along the way, especially those days that you think you just may not make it, and someone says on the chat, "get the heck out and let's do a Zumba class!" or "why don't we go for an early Saturday morning run?" - this has to be the one area that has helped me so much in my journey. (Thank you my dedicated gym peeps: Tricia, Sabrina, Andy, Lucy, Ricky and Sienna for being there, and motivating!)

 - Make friends with the personal trainer at the Gym.  And by friends, I mean, get to know them by talking about your fitness goals.  Make no bones about it, they will look out for you and make sure you are doing what you have to do!  I have a wonderful Instructor now at the Gym who even coaches me one on one when I am doing a weights routine.  He will also ensure when he is doing his classes that I am pushing myself where I need to be.  What a motivation!  Last Summer I went to a gym in Florida throughout the summer months when I was there and all the pertinent Fitness Trainers got to know me, my goals and what I was looking for.  I really like that personal touch.  (I must send a shout out to Dwayne to thank him for helping me stay motivated since I got back to the Gym after having chik v! Last week he had us doing 600 abs, we are working up to 1,000, wish me luck!)

 - Clean eating really, really helps.  This point.  Oh boy.  I can tell you that you can be someone who works out six times in the gym, mixing cardio, running, step, yoga, Pilates, anything and everything...but you may wonder why you are not seeing the results of the hard work you are putting in.  On a very general level, (as I am not a Personal Trainer, but just from experience...) I can safely say it could be due to your eating habits.  Check the sugar, check the amount of carbs you are consuming from week to week, check your macros, and make sure you have a balance of protein, healthy fat and a clean repertoire of food each day.  And I can also safely say that alcohol can cause those last pounds to stay on and not that intake on the weekend!

Via Pinterest

 - Lifting weights has done wonders for my body:  For awhile there, all I heard was "are you crazy, how can you be lifting, or even want to lift weights as a woman?" the responses I still get are amazing as I wonder why so many people say something that is simply not true.  I never expected to see the results I am seeing so quickly.  I am not training to be in a bikini or body fitness competition, I simply incorporate weight training into my weekly routine. Lifting will not make you big.  I am talking to women here.  Lifting weights helps to tone, build muscle and makes you leaner than anything.  If you are not trying out for a major body building contest and therefore do not need to be lifting over 100 pounds, you can rest assured that you are not going to get big!!  Keep in mind too, that lifting weights can burn calories when you are at rest, the more muscle you build, the better!

Via Pinterest 

 - If you are getting bored with your workouts, change the routine!  Yes, I used to hear this alot but in the last two years boy has it done wonders when I decide to change and mix up the routine from week to week.  Sometimes I will do more cardio than weights.  My perfect workout per week is five to six with one full rest day...however most weeks it ends up being five workout days.  I would love to try to commit to six, but in all honesty it does not end up happening most weeks. That is okay with me.  Some weeks I try for three cardio blasts and two runs/weight, or the opposite.  By cardio blasts, it could be circuit training, boot camp, zumba, sprint hill running...or step.  On a rest day, it is still great to try to do something low impact like Pilates or even a power walk.

 - At home exercise really has helped in times when I could not or cannot get to the Gym.  When I was sick with the mosquito borne virus, chik v for two and half months last year, (!!) I did no exercise as it was simply way too painful to move any joint in my body.  I came down with it in mid November and got back to the gym the last week of January.  However from the beginning of January to the end, I decided to try to build myself back by doing low impact at home workouts.  A good friend told me all about Fitness Blender.  If you have not heard about this website, check it out it really is the best!  There are hundreds of workouts from low to HIIT to yoga and mat Pilates.   I also love this site for when I simply could not get to the Gym and needed a quick, go to workout.

 - Become part of an online Fitness Group.  This really helps me too.  It is a way for me to check out what others are doing, help motivate them...and share any tips.  There are many fitness groups online and on Facebook. It is also a way for me to find out about new fitness Apps, protein powders, nutrition bars, the best running shoes out there, etc!!  Another component to this is to follow fitness gurus and peeps on Instagram...the best thing about this is when they post workout routines or videos.  You can save the videos through Instasave on your phone and use them later.

 - Cute gear helps.  Ha, this one is motivating for me...I love a nice workout outfit and happened upon Fabletics last year.  A fellow blogger wrote a post about it and I was very impressed with her gear.  You literally become a member and with points earned each month, you can purchase custom chosen outfits depending on what you like.  Each month you are given suggestions that may fit your profile.  

A Fabletics running outfit, one of my faves.

On this note I also love having a nice gym bag, but I wanted a bag that did not look like the standard "gym bag."  I searched and found this lovely bag from Vera Bradley.  It is really fab as it fits the mat on the outside, and has partitions inside to fit your bottle and so much more.  This is the exact one I have (it is also carry on compliant and can easily be used for an overnight bag.)  You can grab one here:

 - Do not beat yourself up!!  Yes, this is my last point.  If you have noticed, this post is not about my weight now as I do not want to instill comparisons.  It is about my journey from being "Skinny fat" to "healthy slim" - or fit.  My journey continues and will continue.  I try to have realistic goals from week to week but I also try to push myself when it comes to doing more and more (run another mile, jump a little higher in class, do those extra 100 abs....get up and run a few miles on a Saturday morning) it is always going to be more challenges for me, as that is how I stay motivated.  However I am not someone to say "what works in my kitchen is going to work for you."  You have to find your comfort zone (or not!), you have to analyze your eating habits and make it all work.  I feel to stay motivated is the biggest challenge in any fitness journey, but it gets easier. The more you go, the more you do, the more positive results that you see, is the MORE YOU WILL WANT TO DO. Just keep at it, and DON'T GIVE UP!

Tuesday, April 14

(Fab Cocktails) Rajay's Top Three!

Hi Friends,'s been a bit quiet here on the Blog, and it is time to catch up again!  It has been a busy year just trying to balance it all.  The Blog takes a back seat every now and then as I am really the only writer and it can be quite challenging with so many things happening at once.  A new Tour Company, PR for a hotel...and on and on it goes!  Such is life, and I cannot complain.

I thought I would share some fab cocktails from a very talented Server over at Jamaica Inn.  I have shared some of his wonderful cocktail recipes here before and on the Jamaica Inn Blog, so please check over there from time to time to see them.

The theme of these cocktails I am sharing today is "Blackwell Rum" - Rajay from Jamaica Inn has given us three really awesome drink recipes that you can try at home:

A Jamaica Inn Rum Punch:
(serving up for one)

 4 ounces of Blackwell Rum
 1 ounce of lime juice
3 ounces of Pineapple juice
1/2 ounce syrup or grenadine
2 dashes of Bitters
Shake with ice in Cocktail Shaker and serve in a small cocktail glass.

 Rajay showing guests how to make the cocktails on the beach!

A Jamaica Inn Soursop Daiquiri 
(serving up for one)

2 ounces of Blackwell Rum
4 ounces of Soursop Juice
2 ounces of lime juice
1 ounce of syrup or grenadine
Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice, serve up in a martini glass!

A Fabulous Rum Swizzle
(serving up for one)

2 ounces of Blackwell Rum
1 ounce of syrup or grenadine
1/2 ounce lime juice
2 ounces of Pineapple Juice
1/2 ounce of Amaretto
Mix with ice, serve in a hurricane or high-ball glass - Rajay used sugar cane as a garnish.

If you are looking to book a vakay at the chic and beautiful boutique hotel - Jamaica Inn, have a look at the Special Offers running for Summer.  Also stay tuned for another fabulous Yoga & Wellness Retreat to take place in September at The Inn.  More coming up on the Blog soon.

We hope to see you all soon in Jamaica!


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