Thursday, January 3

On Gratitude and looking forward to 2013!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to visit this very new Blog.  When I started the Blog three months ago, I was just finishing up as a General Manager of The Caves Hotel in Negril, Jamaica where I was for four years.  After each New Year's Eve, I would wake up with my new gratitude journal, and get super busy writing down at least five things I was grateful for each day.  Some days were skipped as the hectic life of a hotel manager did not allow for precious time to sit down and write in a journal (much less think about what to write!)

However I decided to change my life.  To stop running, and slow down a bit.  This is taking awhile to come to fruition, but I am sure I will get there soon!  On that note, I would like to share a few pictures which explains what I am grateful for, and what I am looking forward to doing much more of this year - "the year of hope". Of course, this year I hope to have more time to "hang out" with good friends and family - and really get to appreciate them all more, this goes without saying... I do hope everyone I know who is super stressed out right now will also try to slow it down a little, and learn to appreciate and be grateful for what is right in front of you, there is always something to be grateful about!

This fantastic hubby of mine - Grateful!

The surreal coastline of Ocho Rios....Grateful.

The "Sandals Life".  I own way too many pairs of Havianas, and can wear them all year around!  Grateful.

This lovely nephew of he is doing a craft project on Boxing Day, with a beautiful ocean view!  Grateful.

The majestic sunsets of Jamaica, which I can view almost 365 days per year!  Grateful.

The rustic South Coast of Jamaica.  Hoping to get there more this year.  Jake's Hotel in Treasure Beach

Chilling out on the beach at Goldeneye Resort.  Such a magnificent hotel to go to with friends, or family. (They do accept children.)  Grateful.

The Spa at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios. Hoping to get there more this year in my quest for balance and peace!

Aha!  My favourite room in a hotel, as posted right here.  Love Ian Fleming (the writer who wrote all the James Bond books - most of them right at Goldeneye), love this room at Goldeneye Resort.  This was on New Year's Eve at about 2 a.m. in the morning!

 Pretty, hidden pathways.  Grateful.

Another beautiful scene - looking out from my sister's veranda in her apt.  Grateful!

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  1. So beautiful! can we be best friends? The kind where I come live with you in the winter?

    1. It is nice and warm here right now so come on down Kristiina!

  2. I am looking forward to 2013 too! And also to reading more of your blog. I found it through BBN.
    Almost Endearing

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carlee! Hope you have a Fab 2013!

  3. My son and his fiance went to Jamaica last year and loved it. They are planning to return in May for their honeymoon. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello...loved the photos. Hope you find time to return the visit.

  4. Hi Eva!

    Thanks for stopping by! So happy to hear that your son and his wife enjoyed their honeymoon in is such a fabulous place for a honeymoon indeed. Will check out your blog soon! Happy new Year!


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